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What Issues Will Subscription-Based Products Face in 2030?

This is the second in a series of three posts on the future of payments. See what the near future looks like and come back next week, when we look at how millennials are impacting e-commerce. The subscription industry has greatly expanded over the last decade, bringing with it box services, cloud services, and streaming media. Just think back to 2009: Netflix was primarily a DVD distributor, AWS was still a burgeoning service and Blue Apron was still three years away from founding. Life comes at you fast, and in the future, it will be faster. What will the subscription industry look like in 2030? It’s impossible to say for sure, but we have an idea: Mobile focused Digital payments […]

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Get Ahead of the Curve on Payment Trends

This is the first of three posts we’re doing on the future of payments. Stay tuned for our next two entries on what payments in 2030 will look like and how younger generations are changing the face of ecommerce. As younger generations start to hold more buying power, their influence is increasing – greatly. Millennials and Generation Z grew up with technology, expect easy, quick and safe transactions, and companies that fail to do so are inherently disadvantaged. Gen Z, in particular, is driving money management innovation. Now in the workforce, their desire for more flexible options is likely to force more traditional institutions to transition to mobile payment options. In fact, they could be the first generation to use […]

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How Businesses Can Thrive In the Wake of Cashless Cities and Subscription Sites

The world is going urban, and that’s not changing anytime soon. The UN projects 68% of the global population will be city dwellers by 2050, up from only 30% in 1950. Populations are rapidly concentrating and smartphones adoption are commonplace. That’s leading to expansive smart city initiatives globally, involving everything from public WiFi to autonomous shuttles to cashless economies. Cashless transactions are now ubiquitous and, especially in urban areas, are the new norm. In the United Kingdom, two-thirds of transactions are now done electronically. There are opportunities here for businesses to embrace this change and make changes that are wins for themselves and their customers. Improve your customer service experience Physical money comes with some significant downsides: Cash handling errors […]

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