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3 Ways to Maximize Subscription Retention

When it comes to retaining subscribers, small victories matter. The
nincreasingly mobile and connected world has left the days of market
ncapture in the past, and customer churn rates over 50 percent are
ntypical in most industries. However, acquiring new customers remains
nmuch more expensive than retaining existing subscribers, so even an
nincrease of 1 or 2 percent in retention rates can have a significant
nimpact on net revenue. Tactics for meeting this goal should be
nhyper-specific and targeted, but there are three broad strategies a
ncompany can adopt to inform their planning and maximize subscriber

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4 Most Common Reasons for Subscriber Churn

Subscriber churn can seriously harm a business’ profitability and success. Unhappy customers who unsubscribe from a service not only represent lost revenue, but may also become powerful voices who dissuade others from using the business. Businesses must eliminate churn as much as possible to be successful. Below are the four most common reasons for subscriber churn.

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