Sort Your Data and Stay Organized With Our New Google Sheets Integration

We’ve been hard at work on adding new integrations to Rebilly after unveiling our new features, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve completed the Google Sheets integration. This integration lets you automatically export data to a spreadsheet when certain events are triggered. For example, when a customer cancels their subscription, the integration can automatically update a spreadsheet of canceled customers with whatever data you choose, in whatever order you choose. We’re a big believer in paying attention to your data and metrics (so that you can improve the important ones over time). The integration lets you export any data field that’s collected during the subscription process to Google Sheets, and update those spreadsheets every time the event is triggered. […]

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Subscription and Membership Businesses: A How-To Guide for Indie Artists

Everyone you know is crowdfunding something. Your local co-op is adding a coffee shop. Your cousin wants to buy her first car. A dude in Nebraska got busted for faking crop circles in some farmer’s field and needs bail money. That’s not you, though. You’re an artist. You create beautiful things out of nothing but time, talent, and tears, and while you’ve been happy doing it for free for a long time, you’re starting to wish it was your full-time gig. In other words, you’re ready to get paid. But how do you do that? You could go the one-shot crowdfunding route a la Kickstarter. The trouble is, although it’s a fat payday, Future You is wondering where the next […]

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Reducing Chargebacks and Fraud - Rebilly

Don’t Let Chargebacks Stress You Out — Here’s How

As a subscription business owner, chargebacks are an unavoidable part of your day-to-day operations. They cost millions in reversed charges and fees every year, not to mention time and effort wasted. That’s why it’s critical to handle them effectively. What are chargebacks? The dispute process was created to protect consumers from unauthorized transactions. (Think: stolen credit card). A chargeback occurs when a cardholder disputes a credit card transaction with their bank. The sale is revoked, and the merchant loses the sale amount plus fees. Truth is, only 30% of chargebacks involve criminal fraud. Most losses come from friendly fraud, or chargeback, first party, or return fraud. In friendly fraud, the cardholder authorizes the purchase, but disputes it later. Credit card […]

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