Set up Payments

  1. Connect your gateway account(s) in Rebilly > Settings.
  2. Enable your tested integration.
  3. Launch.

Connect your gateway account(s)

You need an external account to be able to process real money.

Rebilly is connected to over 100 different payment providers including payment gateways, payment processors, and payment solutions and facilities.

Connecting your gateway accounts typically involves entering API credentials into Rebilly, as well with other information about the account that controls how it functions in Rebilly. We estimate it takes 5-10 minutes on average to find the API credentials and fill out the form to connect a gateway account.

If you do not have any external accounts to facilitate processing, then you will need that first before continuing with the Rebilly setup. We can recommend you to some payment providers based on your industry, forecasted sales, and your domicile.

We recommend testing one or more live transactions to ensure the connection is functioning properly.

Enable your tested integration

Customize your own payment experience using our API + FramePay, utilize our Rebilly checkout forms, or select from a pre-built integration such as WordPress.

Build and test your integration in a sandbox (development) environment prior to going live.


Always do a full end-to-end test of your integration and gateway account connections before launch.