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Lead source attribution

Lead source attribution is the process of giving credit to different marketing campaigns that contributed to the accomplishment of a specific goal (such as customer makes a purchase).

In the case of FramePay the attribution is done when the payment token is created from the collected customer data.

Automatic attribution

If the web address hosting FramePay contains Google Analytics UTM parameters then their value will be automatically collected.

There are five different UTM parameters, which may be used in any order:

UTM Parameter Example Lead Source Parameter
utm_source utm_source=Google source
utm_medium utm_medium=cpc medium
utm_campaign utm_campaign=facebook campaign
utm_term utm_term=red+shirt term
utm_content utm_content=bannerlink content

FramePay parameters

In addition to the UTM parameters, FramePay will look for additional values to collect for the lead source data in the web address:

Lead Source Parameter Example
affiliate affiliate=Acme
subAffiliate subAffiliate=junior
clickId clickId=btnSale
salesAgent salesAgent=jdoe
Disabling Automatic Attribution
If the web address hosting FramePay contains UTM parameters but you do not wish to collect that data you can provide an empty `object` to the `extraData` option when creating a token.


Considering a checkout page hosting FramePay located at this web address:

The following lead source data would be gathered from the UTM and FramePay parameters:

    leadSource: {
        content: 'buynowlink',
        medium: 'social',
        source: '',
        campaign: 'instantbuy',
        affiliate: 'gearbuy'

Manual attribution

If you wish to provide additional information you must define the lead source object manually when creating the payment token.

var extraData = {
    leadSource: {
        content: 'buylink',
        medium: 'affiliate',
        source: '',
        campaign: 'affiliate-campaign',
        affiliate: 'af12345'
Rebilly.createToken(form, extraData);

This method can also be used to prevent UTM parameter collection:

var extraData = {
    leadSource: {}
Rebilly.createToken(form, extraData);

You can find a list of all accepted lead source parameters in the createToken documentation.