KYC workbench

Use the KYC workbench to efficiently review KYC documents.

This annotated screenshot shows the key elements on the screen.

KYC Workbench

Start with date range filter

Set the appropriate date range.

Review each customer

Each customer may have one or more documents. As you review each document you may change the status or click "reviewed" to acknowledge the status chosen by the automated analysis.

To edit or fill in missing information, click on the image of the document, and you will see the update options.

Edit KYC documents

A record of each change is recorded is maintained as part of the customer's timeline. For more information, see Add notes attachments or tags to a customer activity.

Already reviewed documents will appear in a collapsible accordion near the bottom of the customer's tile.

Quick KYC

You may upload documents on behalf of a customer using the quick KYC drag-and-drop upload interface.

Use the URL:{organizationId}/customers/{customerId}/quick-kyc

Quick KYC

Direct links to KYC documents

You may share a link directly to a specific document in the workbench.

Use the URL:{organizationId}/documents/{id}

Direct links