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New integration requests

Need a new payment gateway integration? To get started, here's what we need from you:

  • the type of integration [payment cards, alternative payment methods, other]
  • docs
  • test credentials
  • a technical contact (recommended)
  • written intent to use Rebilly (new merchants only)

How to send us your request

Requests must be submitted via email to

Our automated system will categorize and prioritize your request based on the subject line.

Subject: [Your company] Gateway integration request for [Gateway], urgency level [critical, high, medium, or low]

If your subject line does not contain the phrase 'gateway integration request', it will be sent to a general mailbox and may cause delays.

New merchant example

Subject line: [ABC Company] Gateway integration request for Hot New Gateway, urgency level high


We need a payment card integration for Hot New Gateway. I've attached the integration docs to this email.

The test credentials are:

  • URL: [staging URL for Hot New Gateway]
  • Username : abccompany_hotnewgateway
  • Password: password123!

For technical questions, you can reach out to Bill at

Urgency level high - we are expanding to a new market in the next month and Hot New Gateway is an integral part of our expansion strategy.

Please consider this email our written intent to use Rebilly.

ABC Company

<attachment: hotnewgateway_docs.pdf>

Existing merchant example

Subject line: [DEF Corp] Gateway integration request for Get Paid Gateway, urgency level low

Hi Rebilly Support,

We need an alternative payment method integration for Get Paid Gateway.

The docs can be found here: [URL for Get Paid Gateway integration docs]

The test credentials are:

  • URL: [staging URL for Get Paid Gateway]
  • Username : defcorp_getpaidgateway_test
  • Password: password456?

Let me know who will be working on this integration and I will add them to our Skype group with the Get Paid Gateway team for any technical questions.

Urgency level low - this is not a high priority right now, but we would like to have this integration complete in the next 2-3 months.

Warm regards,
DEF Corp

What to expect from us

We will reply to your email confirming receipt within 24 hours. We will alert you when the integration is in progress and when the integration is complete and ready for testing.

When we are able to get started on a new integration will depend on the urgency level, and the existing integration requests in our pipeline.

Urgency level Estimated time to completion
Critical 1-2 weeks
High 2-3 weeks
Medium 3-4 weeks
Low 4-8 weeks