Last updated 9 months ago

Volume limits

Volume limits allow you to limit the volume of money or count of transactions (type authorize or sale) that a gateway account processes daily or monthly. Volume limits are set in the gateway account settings.

volume limit settings

Set up to 4 volume limits for each gateway account. If you attempt to add a new volume limit for a limit that already exists, your new limit will override the existing limit:

volume limit override

When the volume limit is reached, the gateway account enters scheduled downtime until the 24-hour or 1-month period is completed.

When a new transaction is initiated after the volume limit has been reached

  • and there is a rule set to pick gateway account with a weighted distribution, the gateway with ongoing downtime will not be considered in the picking process.


  • and there is no available gateway account, the transaction will be declined with a No merchant accounts available for this transaction error message.