Last updated 11 months ago

New feature requests

Please make suggestions for new features that will improve your experience, or your customers' experience using Rebilly.

How to send us your request

Requests must be submitted via email to

Our automated system will categorize your request based on the subject line.

Subject: [Your company] New feature request, [brief description of the feature]

If your subject line does not contain the phrase 'new feature request', it will be sent to a general mailbox and may cause delays.

Please include the following:

  1. The problem or issue are you trying to solve with this new feature.
  2. A detailed description of the new feature.
  3. Any timeline restrictions, for example, this feature will only be useful if implemented before X date.

What to expect from us

We will reply to your email confirming receipt within 24 hours. We will review the request and follow up with any clarifying questions (we may need to schedule a call to discuss further).

If we are able to implement your feature request, we will let you know our estimated timeline for completion, and when the new feature is ready for use.

We work with two month development cycles. New projects cannot be started mid-cycle. Most new features will take between 1 and 2 months to complete.