Payment software built to increase your lifetime value


Rebilly was built to support entrepreneurs, and many of you own multiple businesses! Rebilly makes it easy to manage multiple organizations – from dozens to hundreds, all in one easy-to-manage dashboard.


Rebilly supports all ~140 of the free-traded currencies. You can configure plan pricing and charge customers in any currency you want. We also simplify reporting by translating payment amounts at the time of each transaction to your functional currency.

Data Portability

Your transaction and customer data should never be held hostage. Yet some payment gateways make it very difficult for you to get your data out when you need it. At Rebilly, we’ll make sure you always have access to the data you want, when you want it.


Rebilly’s rules engine gives you the power to automate behaviors based on key events, such as assigning a risk score to a transaction based on any parameter(s) you set - location, device type, IP address, etc. The options are limitless, and are built to help your business increase profits and minimize costs. You have the controls at your fingertips. What can we say? It rules.

Don't conform to the rules. Create the rules.

Automated Rebills

Create your plans and their schedules with our powerful subscription management software. Make free trials that convert to regular recurring periods and set period duration in terms of days, weeks, months, years...up to you!


At Rebilly we know that while seemingly simple, invoices can be complicated. We’ve made sure to build in lots of flexibility and customization to our invoicing feature so that your invoices can be exactly what you need them to be.

Alternate Payment Methods

​The future is now, and that means that not every payment is made with a payment card. We can help you record payments from alternative payment methods, whether it is cash, check, wire, bitcoin, or barter.


We don’t believe in reports for the sake of reports. Rebilly lets you dive deep into your customer, transaction, and payment gateway data. You can perform unlimited pivots and view nearly any report in rich, visual charts. We’ll help you use the data you see to help your marketing team target more profitable segments.

Create your own, or get started with our favorite recommended reports.


We believe that through proper handling of billing failure, you can increase your revenues and reduce your costs. Set intelligent schedules for retrying “soft” billing failures, and create automated notifications and card update processes to quickly handle “hard” billing failures.

Dispute Management

Automate one of the most tedious parts of subscription billing-- the dispute process. You can import chargebacks, generate the proper representation documentation, cancel subscriptions, and even use Rebilly to prevent future chargebacks.

Checkout Pages

​While most of our customers prefer to host their own forms and use the Rebilly.js javascript library to transmit the sensitive information to us, some decide it’s easier to get started by letting us host the forms. Either way is fine with us!

Customer Service

We make it easy for your service representative to find a customer’s subscriptions, answer inquiries, and take necessary actions such as changing plans, cancelling a subscription, or issuing a refund.

Blacklist and Greylist

Add IP and email addresses, credit cards, device fingerprints, and more to temporary “greylists.” From there, you can set and manage their expiration dates, or permanently blacklist them.

Two Factor Authentication

​If you want additional security, you can enable two factor authentication. There are no full payment card details available when logged in, so your customer’s payment card details are always safe.


Our core purpose at Rebilly is to bring you peace of mind. If our product doesn’t bring you peace of mind, then we’ve failed. We stand by this and offer support to you to help propel your business forward.

We’ll help you discover how successful you can be.

Easy Integration

​Test everything in sandbox mode, and use our SDKs and documentation to make integrations easy. Use Rebilly’s JSON-based REST API to interface directly with your critical business applications, and use our webhooks to send updates to your applications as they happen.

Level 1 PCI Compliance

​We obsess over security so that you don’t have to. We’re careful to a fault so that each year we can be certified by the best PCI auditors in the business. Beyond that, we actively help our customers reduce their own compliance requirements.

Customer Support

​We offer customer support to you and your developers for helping you integrate or to address any issues you may have. You are our customer, and we take pride in watching your business grow.

Earn more on every transaction