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Subscription Billing Features


Rebilly gives you a comprehensive set of powerful tools to ensure you get every penny you deserve from the audience you’ve built.

Control over Subscription Billing


Rebilly gives you the control over your payments that you’ve been looking for, whether it’s managing dozens of merchant accounts or setting rules to tell Rebilly which gateway to use for transactions based on criteria you choose.

Payment Data Security


We’re obsessive about security so you don’t have to be. Each year, we’re certified by the best PCI auditors in the business. We also actively help our clients reduce their own compliance requirements.

Rebilly Reporting


Our rich, visual reports let you dive deeper into your customer, transaction, and retention data to gain actionable insights that will move your business forward. Create your own, or start with our favorite reports.

Innovative Subscription Billing


Our purpose is "peace of mind." We help our clients achieve peace of mind by automating their tedious billing tasks, and we go beyond that to innovate out-of-the-box technology to help your business get ahead.

Intelligent Retry

Intelligent Retry

We believe in a smarter way to retry payments that goes beyond pre-set retry intervals and uses information like decline codes, card types, and other data to dictate your retry strategy. 

Dispute Management

Dispute Management

Dispute management is no one's favorite part of the billing process. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory, so we aim to make it as seamless as possible to help you stay organized and lose less to disputes. 

Data Portability

Data Portability

The idea of not being able to access your payment data is terrifying to any subscription business. Rebilly securely vaults your payment card data and makes it available to you when you need it.

Blacklists and Greylists

Blacklists & Greylists

Fraud prevention tactics are important to protect your subscription business. Our blacklists feature (as well as temporary "greylists") can block fraudsters based on your transaction data.

The Retry Strategy: How to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value by a Minimum of 43%

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