Reporting & Automation

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Take control of your data, leverage it for performance, and perfect your workflow with Rebilly’s automations engineered around modern teams.

Rebilly’s pillars are grounded in your best work

Rebilly helps teams do more with data and reporting, and work less thanks to powerful automations and integrations.


Collect, organize, and keep data up to date 


Accounting-friendly reports & insights 


Collaboration, automation, integrations 

All this, under rock-solid PCI & AML compliance and rock-solid security Learn more


Make data your ally

Besides securely processing transaction data, Rebilly lets you collect custom information and intel that you can review, organize, and keep up to date to prevent involuntary churn.

Collect custom fields, filters, tags and statement descriptors. 

Organize by customer, coupons, plans, transactions and more. 

Update payment methods, expiration dates, addresses and more to prevent churn. 

Reporting & Insights

Turn intelligence into performance

Follow a wide array of KPIs and leverage fine-grained data for performance. Rebilly’s reporting and insights adapt to the way you do business - not the other way around.

  • Define, order, and overview KPIs at a glance
  • Retrieve fine-grained business intelligence
  • Sort by filter, tag, date and more
  • Track lead sources by UTM, revenue, time and more

Reconciliation made easy

Dot the i's and cross the t's with automated daily, weekly and monthly recs. Save countless man-hours and reduce risky discrepancies with automated:

Checks with every payment gateway and provider 

Alerts for any transaction discrepancy identified 

Workflow inside Rebilly’s dashboard, with optimized data exports 

Seamless exports

It’s easy to access and use your data outside of Rebilly.

Google Sheets

Out of the box 

CVS export

Right from the dashboard 

Custom APIs

Easily integrate exports into your workflow 


Rebilly adapts to how you get work done

Automate countless actions with Rebilly’s powerful rules engine. Easily integrate your tools of the trade with our APIs. All that, as Rebilly adapts to your best workflow as a team.

Engineered around great teamwork

Get a bird’s-eye view of all transactions and events and help your team make better decisions by leveraging the full power of the Rebilly dashboard.

  • Automated email notifications to customers and team members
  • Granular access roles for team members
  • Timeline overview of transactions and key events
  • Built-in KYC tools save time on ID verification

Powerful Rules Engine automations

Unlock ultimate business design freedom without touching code. Rebilly’s powerful Rules Engine lets you orchestrate payment methods, manage customer relationships, fight fraud risk and much, much more. If you can imagine it, you can automate it!

Track transaction values

Define rules by locations, device types, IP addresses, BIN numbers, transaction velocity and more 

Retry logic

Slash declines and dramatically improve approval rates across providers by testing retry amounts and frequency 

Gateway routing

Auto-select gateways based on locale, behavior, or risk, and maximize your revenu. 

Automate selling

Define actions for unpaid invoices, late payments, plan changes, or suspicious transactions 

Notifications & comms

Welcome customers, send card update reminders, notify on plan changes and much more 

Fraud protection

The rules engine is the main component of our powerful all-in-one risk management solution Learn more


Make your workflow truly, uniquely yours

Access a growing list of productivity software integrations, and easily build your own with our flexible APIs.

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