Customer Stories

Thousands of websites trust Rebilly to power their subscription billing.

How XY Labs used Rebilly to solve payments in the IoT and blockchain space

On a mission to democratize geolocation data with IoT and blockchain tech, XY Labs were constrained by a generic e-commerce platform and no data visibility for BI. They gave us a call, and we helped them get up and running in just two weeks.

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How Curzio Research Used Rebilly to Scale Their Financial Publication's Success

Advanced reporting, improved customer experience, flexible plan options — learn exactly how Curzio Research used these Rebilly features and more to scale their successful membership product.

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Industries We Serve


Our SaaS clients are using Rebilly to maximize the customer lifetime value of their Software-as-a-Service customers. Our advanced reporting, sophisticated routing and retry capabilities, and customer experience features help make our SaaS clients successful. 

Membership products

You may have heard that "Content is King" — nowhere is that truer than in the world of membership products. But making sure your subscription content is paid for is a key element of success. Our WordPress plugin makes it easy to charge for your content and to keep it gated from non-subscribers. 


Subscriptions apply to pretty much anything these days, hence "XaaS," or "Anything-as-a-Service." Rebilly powers farm-fresh egg subscriptions, grill cleaning, music lessons, marketing agencies — you name it! Easily set up multiple pricing plans, customizable checkout pages, email notifications to your customers, and more. 


Our enterprise clients access features suited to subscription businesses with massive volumes, like unlimited gateway integrations, unlimited team members, dynamic currency conversion, and more to maximize their recurring revenue. 


As we've mentioned, subscription businesses are varied and yours may not fit in a box. If you have any question about whether Rebilly's features are a fit for your business, we encourage you to set up a demo to speak with one of our billing experts.


“Rebilly gives us the chance to set up these various plan IDs for one newsletter. We can have, and we do have many plan IDs. It makes it much much easier for us to report on that, and give that information back to the marketing team and the sales team.”

Christine Curzio


“Rebilly takes away the hassle and complications of using multiple payment providers and merges them all into 1 simple platform.”

Mark S.

“Easy to use and great way to manage recurring subscriptions. Much easier to track payments, update CC information and add various subscriptions.”

Brian Condron


“The software has great tools to maximize your continuity and customer lifetime value. If you are selling a membership or plan to, this is the software you need to hook into.”

Michael R.

“Being able to integrate with multiple payment gateways allows me to sleep better at night knowing that I will always be able to process payments.”

Dillon Newman


“Been in this industry a long time and have dealt with numerous SaaS owners and none of them would’ve done what you did... especially on a trial... that’s what impressed me. All I needed was to be able to customize and you made it happen.”

Eric McLaughlin

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