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A global workplace solving global payment needs

From Utah to Toronto; Spain to Kazakhstan, we are working all over the world. Our office environment is full of diversity and deeply engaged teammates who close the remote communication gaps to make our culture supportive, kind, interesting, and fun.

Diversity with shared values



Laser focus on client success 



Leaders coming together 



Our circles

Rebilly runs on Holocracy, which empowers each employee to maximise their strengths as much as possible.


Own projects from planning to launch. 


Bringing creative strategies to life that authentically attract people to the Rebilly brand and connect them into Rebilly services. 


In short, we’re people pleasers! Working to ensure that every Rebilly user has the tools and support they need to be successful. 


Building a team of rock stars and creating a life-changing work environment where we can all grow and achieve our dreams. 

Remote but connected

Culture at Rebilly

Rebilly is innovating a new way to work with more freedom and creativity for all teammates in a unique workplace environment.

  • Stable and thriving. We have been remote and internationally distributed since long before 2020 and that comfort and cohesion among our team helped us to achieve significant revenue growth when many other companies were challenged. We continue to grow together and create an environment that is a joy to work in where most of our teammates stay with us for many years of their careers.

  • Self managed roles and projects. Everyone is their own leader and is fully enabled to lead, support, or contribute to any project of their choosing. You are free to choose what your days look like and the areas you want to grow and improve.

  • Wholeness and acceptance. A diverse workplace requires a heart of acceptance for different cultures, but Rebilly is taking it to another level. We believe in wholeness of many areas that are otherwise not accepted in other companies like healthy conflict, intellectual debate, the humanness of having a rough day because of personal issues, and thorough work-life balance. We believe that all parts of life and work, all people and projects, our product and our clients, are 100% connected - every piece must be free and whole to be totally alive.

  • We are not a hierarchy, instead we organize as a Holacracy. To learn more about Holacracy, check out the explainer video on YouTube.

  • Our principles are based on a Teal Organization. To learn more about Teal Organizations, check out the Reinventing Organizations website.

Our benefits

  • A very competitive salary, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your lifestyle to enjoy the benefits of working with an innovative and purposeful startup.

  • Unlimited vacation. Yes, unlimited. We want our team to be whole and happy; rest is a necessary part of life.

  • The computer of your choosing. No more day dreaming about throwing your laptop out the window!

  • Additional compensation for healthcare. It’s tricky to offer health insurance for a global workplace; this is our compromise so that we can still support the health and vitality of our team.

  • Generous parental leave. We want our team to feel supported in their family life as well as at work to have a holistic work-life balance.

  • Training and development. We encourage our team to spend 20% of their time learning something new and expanding their skillset.

Available positions

Join Rebilly in building the world's best payment orchestration and profit maximization platform.

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Path to Success

Recruitment processes

Product circle

Review & screen

We review applications to screen for a variety of criteria.


Finalists complete a brief task to share their role-related experience and perspective.

Team interview

A Google Hangouts meet and greet with a few members from the Team to talk about their task, technical experience, and soft skills.

Final interview

A Google Hangouts meeting with a member from one of our other Teams to talk about cultural fit and any final questions.


We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role.


Marketing, Success, and People Circles


We review applications to screen for a variety of criteria.

Cultural interview

A brief Google Hangouts interview to talk about the culture at Rebilly.


Finalists complete a brief task to share their role-related experience and perspective.

Extended interview

A Google Hangouts meeting with a few members of the team to talk about their task, experience, and soft skills.


We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best fit for the role.


Hear from our team

No two days are the same at Rebilly! It is a challenging and fast paced environment where every team member has the agency to see projects through from idea to implementation in record time. It is great to be at a company where you can see the impact of your work everyday. 


Customer Success

Rebilly is the workplace I’ve been searching for my entire career. I feel free to share my whole self and all of my creativity at Rebilly. It’s fun and fulfilling to work on complex problems with a team of geniuses! 



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