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The Rebilly Origin Story

Before Rebilly, we ran one of the largest subscription-based movie businesses in the world. With millions of customers, the payment gateways available simply couldn’t handle the complexity of our business.

So we built our own, and spent years refining it. Today, we call it Rebilly, and it’s custom tailored to tackle the unique challenges of subscription-based businesses — from managing multiple billing plans, schedules, and payment methods to preventing customer churn and fraud.

As part of our mission, we built an API documentation tool which has spun off into its own company and is a Rebilly client (we're Redocly's client too).

​Our Purpose

Peace of mind.

​Our Team

We have offices in Austin, Montreal, and Barbados, and remote employees working all over the globe. We come together for company meetings online, socialize in our Facebook group, and DJ for each other in our Rebilly Jukebox. Sometimes we get to see each other in person to confirm that we’re not holograms. When that happens, we like to sing karaoke, play laser tag, and eat good food.

The thing that unites us, besides laser tag, is a passion for adding value to our customers.

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