Is Rebilly for Me?

October 19, 2016 · 3 min read

Is Rebilly for Me?

We say Rebilly is the world’s first subscription profit maximization company, meaning our product is purpose-built to help you derive greater profits from your subscription business. But is Rebilly the right fit to manage your particular recurring billing needs? Every business and story is of course incredibly unique, so this post will attempt to help you answer a question that you may be having: “Is Rebilly for me?”

Do you have subscribers?

This is one of the first questions we ask when we are meeting potential clients. Rebilly gives you the tools you need to have greater control over your subscription or recurring billing, so for Rebilly to be at its most valuable to you, you’ll need customers that pay you on a regular basis, or “subscribers.” Those payments can occur weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. — any regular cadence.

Do you run offers?

So, you’ve got subscribers. That alone means there’s a lot about Rebilly that would make your life easier. But do you run offers, such as a free or discounted trial of your product? This is a really powerful way to market to consumers, but can be trickier to manage on the payments side. Rebilly not only makes it simple to manage your offers, but also gives you the tools you need to help manage risk involved with offering trials.

Do the words “churn” and “chargebacks” mean anything to you? They are some of the most frustrating parts of recurring billing, which is why we’ve equipped Rebilly with several tools to help reduce involuntary churn, declines, and chargebacks. Of course those things do still happen, which is why we’ve also created convenient and intelligent ways to automate the retry process on declines as well as the documentation process for chargebacks.

Do you love data and testing?

Is half (or more) of the fun of your subscription business the testing and optimization you manage to reach the numbers you care about? Maybe that’s total number of subscribers, customer lifetime value, cost per acquisition — whatever your goals, if you care about data and tracking to help make your business more successful, Rebilly is for you. Our reporting suite gives you access to the data you want when you want it, and you can configure our reports completely to your liking.

We hope these answers gave you a greater understanding of how Rebilly can work for you. If you read something here that resonated with you, and perhaps even helped you answer “Yep” to the question, “Is Rebilly for me?” then we hope you’ll reach out soon. We’d love to help you start maximizing your subscription profits.