The State of Subscriptions: Growth, Trends, and What's Coming Next (Infographic)

March 13, 2019 · 2 min read

You know subscription businesses are growing — but do you know just how much they’re growing, which industries are the most profitable (and why), and what all of this means for your business?

Read on to learn about the humble roots of subscription businesses (it’s older than you think!), where they’re at now, and what’s coming around the bend:

infographic state subscription businesses rebilly

Here’s those takeaways one more time:

  • Subscription services have experienced major growth since 2011, especially in the subscription box category.
  • Convenience continues to be a huge factor in subscription-based growth. Your product should be easy to use and become a habit for the customer. This is just one reason a good customer onboarding process is important.
  • Recommendation to drive new subscriptions: Capitalize on mobile searches, as well as email marketing and affiliate links.
  • Subscription services will continue to grow as long as they have a great end-to-end experience, whether they do that by offering personalized service or cost savings. In other words, make sure to keep an eye on your involuntary churn and customer retention!

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