Add an Intuit payment gateway account

This topic describes how to add an Intuit payment gateway to Rebilly.

  1. Configure Intuit:
    1. Login to Intuit .
    2. In the top right of the screen, click Dashboard .
    3. Select an app.
    4. In the left navigation bar, in the Development section, click Keys & OAuth .
    5. In the Keys section, take note of the Client ID and Client Secret values.
    6. In the Redirect URIs section, add the following redirects:
    9. Click Save .
  2. Configure Rebilly:
    1. Log in to Rebilly .
    2. Select an environment: In the left navigation bar, in the bottom corner, click your initials, then select an environment.
    3. In the left navigation bar, click settings icon , then click Gateway accounts .
    4. Click Add Gateway Account .
    5. Select Intuit .
    6. In the Gateway Account ID field, enter a unique alphanumeric value. Use a value that is recognizable in your reports. This ID is used in other configuration screens, and is how this account is referenced within the API.
    7. In the Intuit credentials section, enter the Intuit client ID and client secret that you noted earlier.
    8. Enter your gateway account credentials.
    9. Select a payment method.
    10. Optionally, configure advanced gateway settings .
    11. Click Save gateway account .
  3. Authenticate: You are redirected to Intuit to authenticate the integration.
  4. Perform test transactions . For applicable gateways, you can test that your credentials are correct by using the ' Check credentials ' button at the top of the screen.