Hosted cashier

Rebilly hosted cashiers provide a secure and compliant way to deposit funds. Cashier forms use fully responsive design, built-in error messaging, and validation. Creation of hosted cashiers app is limited to one per organization.

Use Rebilly hosted cashiers to control deposit amounts that are presented to the customer and to process the deposit. Use cashier strategies to determine the amounts presented to the customer. Cashier strategies filter cashier deposit requests by currency, customer segmentation (tags), or prior deposit behavior. If a cashier deposit request matches several strategies, a strategy is randomly selected. For more information, see Cashier strategies.

Example cashier
In the image, website-name will be replaced by your website name or website logo if one is used. For more information see organizations & websites.

Customize a hosted cashier

Use this process to customize or change the appearance of a hosted cashier form for a specific website.

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Settings icon Settings.
  2. In the Management section, click My organization & websites.
  3. On the right of a website, click actions icon, and then select Hosted cashier settings.
  4. In the Customization section, edit the appearance of the hosted cashier form.
  5. Click Save hosted cashier.

Hosted cashier workflow

This process describes the complete hosted cashier workflow. Use hosted cashiers to provide a secure and compliant deposit form to your customers. Within the hosted cashier, the customer can select an amount to deposit and complete the transaction.

  1. Create a cashier strategy.
  2. Create a cashier deposit request and share it with a customer.
  3. The hosted cashier presents the customer with a selection of available deposit amounts. The customer must click one of them.
    • If more than 3 amounts are available, the amounts are presented in a dropdown menu. The customer must select an amount.
    • If the cashier deposit request is configured to enable custom amounts, the amount field is editable and the customer can enter an amount.
  4. The hosted cashier validates the amount selected by the customer.
  5. The customer clicks Make deposit.
  6. The cashier deposit request is complete. The user is redirected to a hosted payment form to complete the payment process.

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