Subscription billing engineered for value

Design, collect and make the most of recurring payments from global customers, with a single integration to Rebilly’s subscription billing software.

Empower every step of the customer lifecycle

Price flexibility

Advanced billing logic and A/B testing. 

Deliver orders

PCI-compliant checkout and a subscriber-friendly experience 

Retain customers

Account updates, smart dunning, and streamlined reactivations & disputes 

Work better

Insights, automation and risk management 

Pricing and plan management

  the perfect billing logic

Fine-tune your pricing strategy as your business model evolves, without technical constraints or lengthy manual processes.

Define pricing plans

Experiment with any pricing model with Rebilly’s flexible plan management options. 

  • Volume pricing
  • Flat rates
  • Tiered pricing
  • Stairstep pricing
  • Metered billing
  • Seat-based

Change and A/B test pricing

Test new prices and plans while keeping your old customers on the old price. 

Convert trials into subscriptions

Easily configure trial types, durations and conditions, and convert subscribers. 

Auto-calculate prorations

Define upgrade, downgrade and cancellation policies, and let Rebilly automate the necessary calculations. 

Orders and checkout

Acquire, convert and delight subscribers

Optimize your subscription product, onboard users and launch global payments with PCI-compliant checkout. All on one platform.

The software has great tools to maximize your continuity and customer lifetime value. If you are selling a membership or plan to, this is the software you need to hook into. 

Michael R.

Design custom offers, acquire more users

Implement promotions and collect custom information at and after checkout, without legwork or complicated code. Rebilly lets you fine-tune your offering and acquisition strategy without leaving your dashboard.

  • Combine multiple products and subscriptions
  • Add upsells and upgrades to your order forms
  • Create and track coupons and discounts
  • Collect valuable information with custom fields

Plug-and-play modern, global checkout

Give your users the payment options and safety they expect, and unlock hidden revenue with Rebilly's super power: payments orchestation

199+ payment gateways

Connect multiple accounts and route payments to maximize approval rates and revenue. All integrated gateways

167+ methods in 156+ currencies

Accept cards, ACH, cash, wire, bitcoin, and more, in over 100 countries. All payment options

Taxes on autopilot

Collect VAT and other taxes for each area with built-in features, or effortless third-party integrations. 

PCI DSS Compliance

Offload the bulk of your compliance headaches to Rebilly’s PCI Level-1 infrastructure. 

Deliver stellar subscriber experience

Free your inbox, voicemail or support queue by letting customers manage plans, invoices and documents easily on their own. Keep communications meaningful with built-in or third-party email automations.

Self-serve plan changes

Enable user-friendly plan upgrades, downgrades, cancels and interim payments mid-cycle. 

Professional invoices

Auto-generate professional customizable invoices for your customers’ records. 


Send thank you emails, notifications and other comms from dashboard or third-party tools. 

Easy KYC onboarding

Improve sign-up experience and fight fraud with Rebilly KYC, our AI-based identity verification and ongoing risk monitoring tool. Rebilly KYC

Goodbye churn, hello profit

Make it easy for customers to pay you, reduce involuntary churn, and regain lost customers with a streamlined process rooted in data.

Keep payment details sharp

Maximize conversions and avoid involuntary churn.

Dynamic 3D Secure authentication

Require Strong Customer Authentication only when necessary to avoid declines while improving user experience. 

Expiration date guesser

Avoid payment declines with our analysis of likely expiration date by card issuer. 

Account updater

Keep card data updated automatically and prevent involuntary churn in the event of an expired card, lost or stolen cards, or account updates. 

See more payments through

Harness the power of auto-dunning and flexible pricing models.


Collect recurring payments automatically, no login required. 

Retry logic

Leverage data and industry best practices to auto-retry declined payments to maximize renewals. 

Partial payments

Unlock revenue from customers who can't currently pay the full amount. 

Win back loyal customers

Leverage insights and reporting to solve issues and maintain customer trust.

Reactivate old subscriptions

Keep accurate reports and happy users by reactivating canceled subscriptions instead of creating new ones. 

Simplify disputes & chargebacks

Analyze chargebacks, generate representation documentation and prevent future issues. 

Learn from cancellations

Tag reasons, analyze historical data, quickly issue refunds and prorations, and improve future performance. 

Rebilly complements and enhances your workflow

Data and automation for teams

  • Data overview and exports
  • Powerful reporting and reconciliation
  • Team collaboration features
  • Rules Engine automations
Reporting & Automation

Compliance and fraud detection

  • Meet PCI DSS compliance
  • Streamline KYC
  • Built-in risk management
  • Rock-solid security
Risk & Compliance

Empower your billing

Try Rebilly free today, or schedule a demo with a billing expert at your convenience.