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Our team of billing experts are are available Monday to Friday, 7AM -7PM EST.


You can locate the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen when you’re on our website or in our web application. Simply click on it and type a message to get in touch!


Prefer email? Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Give us a call at

+1 512-710-1640 if you need to talk through a billing issue.

Getting Started Guide

Need some support in getting started with Rebilly? We’ve got a guide for that! Our getting started guide covers in detail the steps to follow to be able to start accepting recurring payments for your business.


Our documentation doesn’t end with our getting started guide. You’ll find in depth FAQs, an extensive glossary of payment terms, and detailed sections on the primary Rebilly features in our docs.

“Way easier to deal with than other systems and more focused on getting you up and running.”

john mccarthy 

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Status Page

Visit our status page for a transparent view of our systems (currently: our API, web application, checkout application, and background processes) and their operational status. Also, you can view a timeline of previous incidents with summaries.

Integration Guide

To integrate with our API, sign up for a sandbox account here, then follow the step-by-step Integration Guide to quickly and easily complete your integration. 

API Documentation

Learn exactly what you can do with Rebilly through our API and how to do it with our extensive and easy-to-follow API documentation.


Connect with other Rebilly users and get the latest helpful content from our team in our Rebilly communities, found at the links below:

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