Is Rebilly for Me?


We say Rebilly is the world’s first subscription profit maximization company, meaning our product is purpose-built to help you derive greater profits from your subscription business. But is Rebilly the right fit to manage your particular recurring billing needs? Every business and story is of course incredibly unique, so this post will attempt to help […]

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4 New Strategies to Keep SaaS Customers Engaged


With the SaaS model changing and advances in technology bringing new opportunities, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Customer engagement rates are constantly fluctuating, so keeping customers interested in a product can seem like an uphill battle. We’ve put together four new strategies to keep churn rate low and customer engagement high. 1. […]

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How Subscription Businesses Have Changed The Retail World (For Good)


Marketing experts and B2C specialists have spent decades trying to figure out what makes a consumer buy a product and continue to buy. One of the biggest consumer trends to become seemingly permanent is the subscription business model. We’ve all heard of subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, even book-of-the-month clubs; but now consumers are turning to […]

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