Streamline Your Workflow With Our New WordPress Plugin

We’re always working on creating new and better ways for you to use Rebilly. And we know that 32% of the internet runs on WordPress — which is why we’ve been working hard on a new WordPress plugin to make it easier than ever to run your subscription business. With the Rebilly plugin for WordPress, you’ll be able to: Restrict content to members (and specific tiers of members, giving more content to your gold members than your silver members, for example) Create Rebilly forms from within WordPress and drop them into pages Easily direct people to specific WordPress pages after they complete checkout Do even more, with our upcoming features We’re not ready to unveil it to the public yet, […]

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Shut Down By Paypal? Here’s What To Do Next

It’s one of the emails you hope to never receive. During your morning email check, you see that you’ve got an email from PayPal. And…your account is suspended. You can’t process any payments through PayPal, and if that’s the only payment gateway you’re using, that means you aren’t making any money. Obviously, you need to fix this, ASAP. First, let’s cover what to do if you’ve been suspended by PayPal and can’t accept payments in the meantime: Set up another payment gateway Your primary goal right now is to minimize your downtime and get back up and running. With that in mind, you need to set up another payment gateway and integrate it with your subscription billing tool. When you’re […]

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Bootstrap Your Subscription Business With These 14 Tools

When you’re first setting up your subscription business, the sheer amount of tools available can be overwhelming. What do you need to get started? What’s a must-have, and what’s a nice-to-have? We’ve got a full list for you below, split into categories covering… Websites Payments Marketing Communication Shipping & Logistics Ready? Let’s dive in: Websites First off, you need a site to direct people to — a homebase for your business where people can read your marketing content, purchase your products, and sign up for your email list. These products will get you up and running: WordPress/Squarespace WordPress (which you can use self-hosted or hosted by WordPress) is the most popular CMS for a reason. It’s easy to learn how […]

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