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Your Six-Month Checklist for Subscription Success

One of the biggest draws of starting your own subscription-based service or product is the idea of “set it and forget it” recurring revenue. But setting up any kind of business takes work, time, and intention – and avoiding many potential pitfalls along the way. If only you had a checklist for the must-do items in the first six months of your business…like the one below. Following these guidelines will help you set the stage for success and build a strong foundation to your business: The first month The first month of starting any business can be pretty nerve-wracking, but especially so for subscription e-commerce. For our purposes, we’ll assume that you’ve: Already chosen your niche Figured out what specific […]

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Five Subscription Business Struggles – And How to Fix Them

You run a subscription business for several reasons — not least is the advantage of having predictable, recurring revenue. And you’re not the only one. Other reasons why subscription businesses are booming include: Subscription businesses can easily diversify their prices and products to match customer needs (by changing payment plans, using add-ons for specific memberships, etc.) Regular payments can promote engaged users (read more about that here) Subscriptions can be an easier “yes” for customers, since they don’t feel like a major commitment — there’s no large up-front investment and customers can cancel anytime It isn’t all rainbows and unicorns in the realm of subscriptions, however. Much like any business model, subscriptions have their challenges, too. Here are five of […]

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How to Use Content to Reduce Churn

It’s every subscription business’s goal to keep churn as low as possible. Churn — the percentage of customers you lose every month — can be tough to beat, and it can ruin your bottom line. Of course, there are reasons for losing a customer that are completely out of your control. If someone doesn’t have the money for your product, or can’t use it because of where their business is at right now, then they’re not a good fit for the product at this point. Outside of instances like that, people generally fall off because of one of two reasons: Engagement (or lack thereof) Understanding (or in this case, not understanding) the value of your product Everything from customer experience […]

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