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How to Automate Your PCI Compliance

You’ve spent years building your company and your customers’ trust in it. And you know one of the biggest threats to that trust is lax data security. At this point, it’s easier to list big companies that haven’t had a data breach than ones that have — T-Mobile, Facebook, Marriott Starwood, Target…the list goes on. Every time this happens, customers lose money and a business’s brand is damaged, sometimes irreparably. The question is obvious: How do I avoid becoming next? Tackling your online security can seem insurmountable and overwhelming, and you might not have any idea where to start. The goal: PCI Compliance The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the baseline for billing security. Those firms meeting its […]

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Are You Affected by Mastercard’s New Free Trial Rules?

Last month, Mastercard made an announcement that left many subscription business owners wondering if their business would be affected — or to what extent. They later updated the announcement to clarify some of the rules, specifically around digital products, but in case you missed that or still aren’t sure whether it would affect your business, read on to find out what’s what. The details of the new requirements: Mastercard rolled out new consumer protections that apply to subscription businesses with free trials for physical products. In other words, if your subscription business only delivers digital products, these protections don’t apply to you. That said, it’s still worth paying attention to them and what they could mean for the future of the industry. Mastercard’s […]

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Planning on DIYing Your Subscription Billing? Read This First

When it comes to finding the right subscription billing management tool, it can be tempting to build your own. But before you decide to embark on that journey, make sure you’ve carefully weighed the pros and cons. After all, many a business owner has attempted a DIY software project, only to wind up regretting it later. Let’s find out how you can avoid that same trap: The upsides of building your own subscription solution: Customization The biggest and most obvious benefit here you’ll have the ability to completely customize the features to perfectly match your needs. For example, you might be considering building a billing solution if you need payment methods or schedules that aren’t often supported by other tools. […]

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