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Sort Your Data and Stay Organized With Our New Google Sheets Integration

We’ve been hard at work on adding new integrations to Rebilly after unveiling our new features, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve completed the Google Sheets integration. This integration lets you automatically export data to a spreadsheet when certain events are triggered. For example, when a customer cancels their subscription, the integration can automatically update a spreadsheet of canceled customers with whatever data you choose, in whatever order you choose. We’re a big believer in paying attention to your data and metrics (so that you can improve the important ones over time). The integration lets you export any data field that’s collected during the subscription process to Google Sheets, and update those spreadsheets every time the event is triggered. […]

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Digital Subscription Products That You Can Sell With Zero Coding

You’ve seen the numbers and you know that subscription businesses are on the rise. You want a piece of that action — but there’s a problem.  You’re not a coder, and you don’t have the capital to pay a developer or the time to learn how to code, so a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business is out of the question for now. And a physical subscription business feels overwhelming — you might want to tackle it later, but right now, you want to start with something digital, to simplify logistics and fulfillment. Not to fear. We have three examples of non-SaaS — or “XaaS,” if you will — digital subscriptions below. They can help you brainstorm some ways to start your very […]

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How to Choose Your Subscription Pricing Model

Pricing can make or break a subscription business. Obviously, you can’t just pick a number out of a hat. You need to make sure that you’re pricing in a way that allows for sustainable business growth, while also enticing customers, while also not leaving any money on the table. Where should you start and what do you need to consider to protect your bottom line? Read on to find out: Pricing vocabulary: plans, formulas, and more, oh my! Before we dig in too deep on the subject of pricing itself, let’s lay some groundwork for subscription-specific price terminology. There are a few different terms to know: Pricing formula, which is the way in which the price for a subscription is […]

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