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New Rebilly Features: Dashboards, Timelines, and More

We’ve recently launched a new user interface and we’re excited to share the changes with you! What’s changing? Our web app (the user interface used by admins, customer service reps, and billing managers), has been rebuilt from the ground up. You’ll notice that information is organized and presented differently, that some features have moved, and that there are new features to explore. What’s included in the new and improved Rebilly? The app performs faster, and is built to make it easier to add new features in the future. Some of the features we’ve already added include: A new, intuitive dashboard where you can see all of your KPIs at a glance The ability to display specific segments on your dashboard […]

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One-Time Sale vs. Subscription: What Makes Customers Buy?

There’s a lot of information out there on how to maximize your sales — but how much of it is relevant to your business? Sales research is often based on the assumption of a one-time sale and a business model based on selling products. Sometimes that age-old wisdom holds true for subscription-based businesses…and sometimes, what works for another business can hurt a subscription-based business. The question for you, then, is what are the key differences for customers between deciding to buy a one-time product and signing up for a subscription product or service? And how can you utilize those difference to get more sales? Do free trials work? Free trials can work in non-subscription businesses — samples are a popular […]

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How to Optimize Your Prices to Increase Subscription Revenues

Many subscription companies simply set a price and start selling their products ASAP. That’s great when it comes to getting an MVP out the door — but it can also leave a lot of money on the table. Whether it’s price plans that let you charge more for more features or lower-priced plans that can prevent voluntary churn, there’s a lot to experiment with. Along with reducing involuntary churn, tweaking your pricing is another area that can produce tremendous returns. Successful companies like Buffer have taken seemingly-drastic steps towards price optimization in the past. At the 2016 SaaStr Conference, Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich spoke of their decision to double Buffer’s pricing. They had no idea what would happen, but they […]

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