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One-Time Sale vs. Subscription: What Makes Customers Buy?

There’s a lot of information out there on how to maximize your sales — but how much of it is relevant to your business? Sales research is often based on the assumption of a one-time sale and a business model based on selling products. Sometimes that age-old wisdom holds true for subscription-based businesses…and sometimes, what works for another business can hurt a subscription-based business. The question for you, then, is what are the key differences for customers between deciding to buy a one-time product and signing up for a subscription product or service? And how can you utilize those difference to get more sales? Do free trials work? Free trials can work in non-subscription businesses — samples are a popular […]

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How Subscription Businesses Have Changed The Retail World (For Good)

Marketing experts and B2C specialists have spent decades trying to figure out what makes a consumer buy a product and continue to buy. One of the biggest consumer trends to become seemingly permanent is the subscription business model. We’ve all heard of subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, even book-of-the-month clubs; but now consumers are turning to subscription-based-businesses for an innovative, ever-changing array of clothing, household items, skin-care, leisure, food, and everything in between. Why Do Consumers Subscribe? Subscriptions for physical products solve two big problems for consumers — they are convenient and many times save a trip to a store, and they are a predictable expense that can be planned and budgeted for more so than impulse retail purchases. Beyond that, there’s […]

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3 Simple Tips for Subscription Billing

Billing errors can create significant headaches for businesses, forcing you to spend time chasing down customers who haven’t paid enough or apologizing to those you’ve overcharged. Making sure these three areas are covered will save you time (and money!), allowing you to focus more on your data to make smart decisions for your business. Set Up a Billing Cycle Whether you bill your customers weekly, monthly or even yearly, automated subscription billing can help you handle the process as efficiently as possible. Once you decide on the lengths of your billing cycles, you can set up a subscription billing automation system that sends out bills at regular periods without requiring any human input. Recurring payment software can automatically generate accurate bills […]

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