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reducing credit card declines

How to Reduce Customer Credit Card Decline Rates

According to a survey from, 12 percent of all credit and debit card users in the US experience a card decline each year. The cost to the merchant was significant: 2.6 percent of all income orders and 3.1 percent of all orders over $100. Even worse, a third of customers who were declined blamed the merchant for the decline, regardless of who was actually at fault. Yet many of those payment declines had no relation to the customer’s honesty, credit, or bank balance. For example: The card provider or the processing service might have experienced downtime or some other internal problem. A customer may have made a purchase that was “out of character,” leading the provider to flag a […]

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Onboarding: It’s Not Just for SaaS Companies

Beyond the initial win of getting your customer to sign up, keeping them is the real test. Without a good onboarding process, it doesn’t matter how many people you get to sign up if they don’t stay. Client retention depends on how much value they receive and how positive their experience is, especially during those first weeks as a customer. That means a good onboarding process is a crucial piece of your business strategy. And while most onboarding advice is tailored specifically to SaaS companies, the truth is that no matter what kind of product you have, the tenets of onboarding are the same. So, how do you create an onboarding process that gets your customer to stick around? Read on […]

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Closing the Renewal: Tips for Making Subscription Billing Irresistible to Customers

You can have the best software services in the world, but if you’re not closing the deal on renewals, your SaaS company isn’t doing as well as you thought. Once you’ve built your business with a great product and offered excellent service to your initial customers, follow these tips to make sure they keep paying the renewal fee every month. Engagement Is Everything One of the best things you can do to ensure your clients renew their subscription is to make sure that they’re engaged with your product. When the product you’re offering becomes a part of a person’s daily existence, he or she will keep paying for it. There are different ways to monitor engagement among your clients, so […]

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