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Planning on DIYing Your Subscription Billing? Read This First

When it comes to finding the right subscription billing management tool, it can be tempting to build your own. But before you decide to embark on that journey, make sure you’ve carefully weighed the pros and cons. After all, many a business owner has attempted a DIY software project, only to wind up regretting it later. Let’s find out how you can avoid that same trap: The upsides of building your own subscription solution: Customization The biggest and most obvious benefit here you’ll have the ability to completely customize the features to perfectly match your needs. For example, you might be considering building a billing solution if you need payment methods or schedules that aren’t often supported by other tools. […]

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How to Use Data-based Marketing Strategies to Boost Your LTV

When it comes to marketing, you might think that spending less — whether overall or per customer — is the best way to go for your company. After all, you’ve got a business to run and a budget to stay within. Right? It might not be as cut and dried as you’d think…keep reading to find out how you can use data to strategically choose where and how to reinvest in marketing and get better results. In short: spending more can get disproportionate results…when you do it right In another recent post, we talked about a scenario where a hypothetical business reduced churn by 1.5% using strategies to decrease involuntary churn. In that example, reducing churn by 1.5% resulted in […]

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4 New Strategies to Keep SaaS Customers Engaged

With the SaaS model changing and advances in technology bringing new opportunities, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Customer engagement rates are constantly fluctuating, so keeping customers interested in a product can seem like an uphill battle. We’ve put together four new strategies to keep churn rate low and customer engagement high. 1. Start at the Beginning The customer’s journey with a service starts from the moment they sign up. Giving them a five-star experience right from the start will leave them with a good impression and keep them engaged during their relationship with a business. Start by creating a comprehensive onboarding process that customers will appreciate. Some ideas for creating the best experience include: An onboarding walk-through video […]

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