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Your Six-Month Checklist for Subscription Success

One of the biggest draws of starting your own subscription-based service or product is the idea of “set it and forget it” recurring revenue. But setting up any kind of business takes work, time, and intention – and avoiding many potential pitfalls along the way. If only you had a checklist for the must-do items in the first six months of your business…like the one below. Following these guidelines will help you set the stage for success and build a strong foundation to your business: The first month The first month of starting any business can be pretty nerve-wracking, but especially so for subscription e-commerce. For our purposes, we’ll assume that you’ve: Already chosen your niche Figured out what specific […]

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10 Ways to Make Pay-Per-Click Ads Pay

Pay-per-click (usually shortened to “PPC”) advertising is everywhere nowadays. It’s on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and more — and subscription businesses are using it to great effect. You’ve heard the PPC ad success stories, and you’re considering dipping your toe into the wide world of pay-per-click yourself. When you do, you deserve to get the most from your pay-per-click investment. However, this form of marketing can get very costly, very quickly. You need to be crystal-clear on what your budget is (including overall campaign budget, cost per lead, and ideal customer acquisition cost), long before you even think about starting a PPC campaign. As digital marketing expert Kiva Schuler frames it, don’t spend money on ads, especially Facebook ads, that […]

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Track This, Not That: 6 Metrics That Matter

We’ve all fallen into that trap of watching our follower count rise and congratulating ourselves on the gains. But here’s the thing: until those followers become customers, they’re meaningless as far as your bottom line is concerned. Followers are one example of “vanity metrics.” They might make you feel cool, but they’re not necessarily going to create a more profitable business at the end of the day. Which metrics are nothing but flash and which will serve up useful facts to help your business grow? Here’s a rundown of the contenders: You’re tracking: Followers Track this instead: Engagement While a long list of followers is satisfying, the metric your business should really be concerned about is engagement. When you concentrate […]

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