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How to Automate Your PCI Compliance

You’ve spent years building your company and your customers’ trust in it. And you know one of the biggest threats to that trust is lax data security. At this point, it’s easier to list big companies that haven’t had a data breach than ones that have — T-Mobile, Facebook, Marriott Starwood, Target…the list goes on. Every time this happens, customers lose money and a business’s brand is damaged, sometimes irreparably. The question is obvious: How do I avoid becoming next? Tackling your online security can seem insurmountable and overwhelming, and you might not have any idea where to start. The goal: PCI Compliance The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the baseline for billing security. Those firms meeting its […]

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Why Data Portability Matters

As a proud member of the data portability community, Rebilly is
ncommitted to making sure clients have full access to their data when
nthey need it. This is absolutely critical for startups that depend on
npayment processors but don’t want their private client payment data held
nhostage. The safe, secure, free-flow of data makes it a better online
nexperience for everyone.

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