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Create a WordPress integration

The Rebilly WordPress plugin enables you to accept payments, sell subscriptions, and build membership websites with no developer experience required. To accept payments using the plugin, you must have a WordPress website.

What we're building

For an example, see Checkout.

This is running in test mode and will not generate a real charge. Use our test card: 4111 1111 1111 1111, any 3 digit CVV, and any future expiration date to test.

Get started

1. Set up Rebilly

First check that you have:

  1. Signed up for Rebilly
  2. Connected a gateway account.
  3. Added a product and pricing plan.

2. Install the plugin

  1. Our plugin is currently in beta testing and not yet available in the WP store. Download the most recent version
  2. Navigate to your WordPress admin and log in.
  3. In WordPress, go to plugins > add new > upload plugin > select the file > install now.
  4. Once installed, the Rebilly plugin will be visible in the left navigation bar.

WordPress plugin install

3. Connect your Rebilly account

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Automations .
  2. In the Development section, click API keys.
  3. Click Create API key and create a secret API key.
  4. Click Create API key and create a publishable API key.
  5. Navigate back to your WP website and enter the keys.
  6. Select your website and then indicate whether you are connecting your sandbox or live environment.
  7. When finished, save your changes.

Note: your sandbox and live environments have different API keys. If you switch between the environments, you must enter the corresponding keys.

4. Build a checkout form

  1. Open the Rebilly plugin and then click into forms > add new.
  2. Select a form type from the dropdown.
  3. Adjust the settings. Note: When creating a checkout page for a membership product, the enable sign-up must be set to yes.
  4. Use the form builder to create your form. Click the plus button next to the Rebilly logo in the form builder to see the available elements. Build your own or start with one of our preset forms.
  5. Use the style editor to edit the look and feel.
  6. Publish your form or save as draft when you are finished.

WordPress plugin form builder presets

Tip: If you do not use the preset form or if you add additional inputs, be sure the inputs are linked to the correct Rebilly field.

link inputs to Rebilly fields

5. Add the form to a page

  1. Navigate to a new or existing page.
  2. Click on the plus icon to add a block.
  3. You will see Rebilly forms as blocks you can embed in your pages. Your form settings will display in the column on the right hand side of the page.

WordPress plugin add form

Or, embed your checkout form on your website using WordPress shortcodes.

WordPress plugin embed shortcode

6. Try it out!

Test the entire flow. If you are in the sandbox environment, test using our test cards live environment, test using a real payment card.