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Shipping is an important part of selling physical products. In Rebilly, you can configure shipping rates to any country by grouping them to shipping zones. You may also manually adjust the shipping cost for an unpaid invoice.

Shipping zones

A shipping zone is your shipping rates grouped by destination country. A shipping zone may include many rates based on the subtotal of your products which require shipping.

Default shipping zone

Set a single shipping zone as your default shipping zone. This zone’s rates will be applied when there are no destination country matches in other shipping zones.

For example: You have a shipping zone with countries USA and Canada, but your customer is from Russia. If you have a default shipping zone, its rates would be applied in this case. If you had no default shipping zone, you would not be able to issue the invoice.

Create a shipping zone

View shipping zones

  1. Browse to the “Shipping Zones” page.

Shipping zones settings

  1. See a list of all of your shipping zones.

shipping zones

How to apply shipping rates to an invoice

Issue the invoice containing products that requiring shipping.

View an invoice’s applied shipping rates

Open the customer’s invoice to see the shipping rates applied.

shipping zones invoice

Manually adjusting shipping cost

To manually adjust the shipping cost on an unpaid invoice, select the pencil icon next to the shipping line item on the invoice, enter your new shipping rate, then save.

edit shipping cost

set manual shipping