Data exports

Data exports to CSV, JSON, XML, or PDF

Export customer, order, invoice or transaction data to CSV, JSON, XML, or PDF. Data exports may be useful for:

  • accounting
  • data analysis
  • other types of reporting
  • importing into other databases

How to create a data export

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Data Exports

settings to data exports

  1. Click the Add Data Export button

add data export

  1. Fill the form
    • Name : the name will be seen in the data grid and influence the filename.
    • Resource : the type of data you want to export (currently you can export customers, subscriptions or transactions).
    • Format : the format you wish to export into, such as CSV (to import into excel), or PDF (only for invoices) or JSON or XML or our JSON-API format which will export data in the form of our API resources.
    • Fields : select, remove, add fields, and also drag and drop to order the fields you want to export.
    • Filters : add filters to limit the amount of data exported (for example, only transactions on the WorldPay gateway within the past 7 days).
    • Notifications : unless you're exporting hundreds of thousands or millions of records, your data export should happen quickly. Notifications are more useful for recurring scheduled data exports.
    • Schedule : you can schedule recurring data exports.
  2. Click export and most exports are ready within 1 minute.

Finding and downloading your data exports

The best place to find your data exports is in the "My Exports" tab.

my exports

Then, once the status shows as "Completed" you click to download.

download exports

The download links expire within a minute, so refresh the page if you get a message stating that it could not be downloaded.