Experian integration

We offer an integration with Experian for identity verification. We currently only support verification for customers located in Germany (country code DE).


  • Experian account credentials.
  • You must collect date of birth from your customers and store it as a custom field labeled "DOB".

How to set up your Experian integration

1. Connect your Experian account with Rebilly

  1. If you have not already done so, sign in to Rebilly.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click automations icon, click Integrations, and then click Apps.
  3. In the list of available integrations, on the right of Experian, click Settings
  4. Go to Add Experian credentials.
  5. Enter your:

    • Username
    • Password
    • HMAC key
    • Public key
  6. Then save.

2. Create tags

Create tags to tag your customers based on the result of the Experian check.

  1. Go to Settings > Tags.
  2. Add 3 new tags, one for each Experian result: confirmed, rejected, or unknown. We suggest using the following tags:

    • experian-confirmed
    • experian-rejected
    • experian-unknown

3. Create your Experian check rules

  1. Go to Automations > Rules engine > Core events.
  2. Go to the Transaction process requested event.
  3. Add a new rule and give the rule a name.
  4. Uncheck the Stop further processing option.
  5. Add the following filters (and any additional filters as appropriate):

    • Transaction > Billing address > Country is in [DE - Germany]
    • Transaction > Customer > Tags > Name is not in [experian-confirmed and experian-rejected and experian-unknown]
  6. Add the Perform Experian check action.
  7. Select your Experian credential hash.
  8. Assign the tags you created in step 2 to each Experian result.
  9. Save your rule.
  10. Adjust the position of the rule to ensure it runs (and that you have not stopped additional rules processing).

Experian check rule

4. Create an approval notification

To be notified of an approved Experian check, add a rule to send a webhook.

  1. Go to Automations > Rules engine > Core events.
  2. Go to the Experian check performed event.
  3. Add the following filter:

    • Customer > Tags > Name is in [experian-confirmed]
  4. Add the Send webhook action.
  5. Enter your webhook settings and save.

To be notified when a declined or unknown Experian check result repeat this step and filter for the corresponding tag.

You may use placeholders in the webhook URL, headers, body, or query parameters:

  • customerId
  • outcome
  • reason
  • errorCode
  • errorMessage

This example of a body shows using two placeholders:

  "customerId": "{{ customerId }}",
  "outcome": {{ outcome }}

Learn more about the Experian check performed event.