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Involuntary churn and how to reduce it

Involuntary churn is churn due to payment failure.

Retry payments

Retry the payment automatically based on the decline response, scheduled at a time when it has a higher likelihood of being approved.

Email notifications

Set up automated email reminders for different scenarios.

Card expiring soon reminders

Send reminders in advance (or even after) a card expires.

Past due reminders

Dun invoices with an automated sequence of reminders including a link to a Rebilly hosted payment form for customers to update their payment instrument and pay the invoice. Use a sequence with escalating urgency and directness. Rebilly provides several templates and messaging options for your past due reminders.

example template

example hosted payment form

Hosted payment forms

Generate a link to send to customers to pay unpaid or past due invoices using Rebilly hosted payment forms.

hosted payment form

Account updater

Rebilly has integrated account updater for various gateway connectors.

Expiration date guessing

Use Rebilly's expiration date guesser to estimate the new expiration date of expired cards before the payment declines and the customer churns.