Custom fields

Custom fields extend our resources and help keep your data organized.

Every business has different requirements, and we provide common fields in our API resources. But let's say you wanted to keep track of a date of birth (DOB) for your customers. Use custom fields to do that.

Create your custom field schema once. Then, use custom fields within our API and user interface (they appear as regular fields within our app).

Adding a custom field

Go to the settings -> custom fields to add a custom field.

add a custom field

Several of our resources support custom fields. Our example with DOB will add it to the "Customers" resource.

Choose between a variety of field types based on the type of data the field will hold. Our DOB example is a date type of field.

Next, you pick your field label which will be how it is displayed inside of our app (and how it is used inside of our API too). Add an optional description, which will be displayed inside of our app too.

Using custom fields

Customer custom fields display on the customers detail screen and customer form.

using a custom field

Transaction custom fields display on the transaction details page.

transaction custom fields

Use custom fields in data tables,the Rules Engine, lists, and data exports.

custom fields used in data tables