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This topic describes the environments that are available in the Rebilly product and how to use them.

The following environments are available:

Both environments use the same login credentials, share organizations, users, user roles, and some data and settings. Besides this, the environments are separate. For example, if you create a hosted payment form and add a payment gateway in the sandbox environment, you must repeat this process to use the hosted payment form and payment gateway in the live environment.

Change environments

To change environments: In the left navigation bar, in the bottom corner, hover over your initials, then select Switch to live environment or Switch to sandbox environment.

Sandbox environment

In the Rebilly app, the sandbox environment URL is The sandbox environment displays a yellow warning across the top of the screen, which states that you are in the sandbox environment. See the example below.

Sandbox warning example

Use the sandbox environment to test code changes and experiment without risk. Transactions in the sandbox environment are free and do not create a real charge. Once you are comfortable using Rebilly in the sandbox, recreate your website in the live environment.

By default, the sandbox is configured with a test payment gateway called "TestProcessor". No information is sent to third parties when using this gateway.

To learn the basics of using Rebilly, see Basics. To integrate Rebilly into your app or checkout flow, see Integration.

Live environment

In the Rebilly app, the live environment URL is The live environment does not have a yellow warning across the top of the screen like the sandbox environment.

Use the live environment as your product environment. Experimenting in this environment involves risk.

Before you release to your users in the live environment, complete the Go live checklist.