Rebilly news, features, and updates for Apr 2024

April 28, 2024 · 3 min read

Rebilly news, features, and updates for April 2024

Hello, and welcome to the April edition of the Rebilly news, features, and updates blog.

New features

This month we added the following new features.

New risk factors

We added new risk factors that help decrease the risk score of less risky transactions.

All transactions start the risk scoring process with a score of 0. This higher the score, the riskier the transaction. Use the new risk factors to decrease the risk score of transactions that are less risky.

For example, you may want to decrease the risk score for customers with a high lifetime value. To do this, you can set the Customer lifetime value risk factor to -5 if the value is between $5000 and $50,000. If the customer's lifetime value is greater than $50,000, you can set the risk factor to -10. This will decrease the risk score of the transaction by the corresponding amount.

For more information, see Risk factors and the Risk score API operations.

Transaction processed event

We added the transaction processed event to the tag events for automated tagging. This event is triggered when a transaction is processed and is used to tag processed transactions. For more information, the eventType field of the Create tags rule API operation.

Abandon scheduled payments action

We added the abandon scheduled payments action. Use this action to abandon scheduled payments for orders that exceed the configured delinquency period. The delinquency period is the length of time after which a subscription is canceled if it is not paid.

For more information, see Abandon scheduled payments.

Update cancellation time

To provide more flexibility when managing subscriptions, you can now update the cancellation time of subscriptions. For more information, see Update the cancellation time.

Product UI updates

We updated the look and feel of the product UI to freshen up the user experience and to help make it more user-friendly. And, we also added dark mode 😎

Dark mode animation

Check out the new UI!

Docs theme updates

We also updated the Rebilly docs website to make it more responsive, the search a little bit faster, and the API docs much slicker. Check out the new docs theme!

New payment gateway integrations

Integration requests

Rebilly supports more than 199+ payment gateways and supports 167+ payment methods including ACH, PayPal, and Bitcoin. If you would like to add a payment integration that’s not in our list, complete the request a new payment gateway integration process. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help! For more release information, see Release notes.

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