Last updated 6 months ago

Automate emailing invoices

Use email notifications to automatically send invoices to your customers.

Commonly, merchants will want to send invoice notifications:

  • In advance of the due date
  • When the invoice has been paid
  • When a payment is declined
  • When the invoice is past due

To attach an invoice to an email, check the box at the bottom of the notification form:

attach invoice

Upcoming renewal notifications

In order to email the invoice in advance of the due date, the invoice must be issued early using our invoice time shift feature.

For example, if you would like to send the invoice 7 days in advance of the due date, set your billing time shift like this:

invoice time shift schedule

Then create your email notification using the Renewal Invoice Issued system event. Your email will be sent on the time and date that the invoice is issued.

To send a customer a copy of their paid invoice, use the Invoice Paid system event to create your email notification.

Declined payment notification

To alert your customer that their payment has been declined and document their balence due, use the Renewal Invoice Payment Declined event to create your email notification.

Tip: Do not to use the Payment declined event. In most cases you do not want to send an email if their first payment is declined. If the first payment is declined their order is never activated and they will receive an error message alerting that their payment was not successful during the checkout process.

Past due invoice reminder

Commonly, you will want to schedule one or more past due reminders. To send a past due reminder, you will first need to schedule the reminder on the Invoice Past Due event in the rules engine.

For example, if you wanted to set your invoice past due reminder be sent when the invoice is 3 days past due, set your bind like this:

schedule past due reminder

Then use the Invoice Past Due Reminder event to create your email notification(s).