Last updated 6 months ago

Invoice time shift

There are 3 important time and dates for a subscription order:

  • Issue date - the time and date the invoice is issued and made payable.
  • Due date - the time and date that the payment is due, and will be automatically collected if the order is set to autopay. If the invoice is not paid, it will move to past due status after 24 hours.
  • Renewal date - or period change, is the time and date that the next billing period will begin.

On a standard subscription order (without the invoice time shift), the invoice is issued on the renewal time and date and time, and the invoice is due 1 hour after being issued.

The invoice time shift feature allows you to adjust when the invoice will be issued and when it will become due in relation to the renewal. This feature is commonly used for emailing your customers their invoice in advance of the renewal date.

The billing time shift can be set when creating a new pricing plan, under the recurring settings:

set invoice time shift new pricing plan

Or, when creating a new subscription order for a customer:

set invoice time shift new order

If an invoice time shift is used, it will be displayed on the order details page:

order details with invoice time shift