Manage payment methods

Access and edit your customers' payment method, primary payment instrument, or update card expiration dates from the customer detail screen.

How to view your customer’s payment method

Go to the "Lists" section in the left-side menu, select a "Customer Segment" then click on the appropriate customer name. Use filters or search to find your customer.

Click on their payment instrument listed at the top of the page to see the full list of payment methods attached to this customer.

update payment method

How to add a new payment method

Once you’re in the “Manage Payment Instruments” section, click on “Add New” and enter the new payment method information. Don’t forget to save the new payment method. It will appear in the Payment Instruments list.

add a payment method

How to update a card’s expiration date

You can also update a card’s expiration date in the “Manage Payment Instruments” section. To do so, click the “Update Exp.” button and choose the new date.

change expiration date

How to update the default primary payment method

Update a new payment method to be the default primary payment method in the same “Manage Payment Instruments”. Select the button “Set as Primary” at the bottom of the new payment card.

save as primary