Our Timelines feature lets your team view a timestamped record of activity and internal notes.

Customer’s timeline

To view a customer’s timeline, you’ll find that customer through the “Customers” screen. After clicking on a customer’s name, you’ll be able to see the timeline underneath “Recent Orders.” Here’s what a customer timeline looks like:

customer timeline

Through the timeline, you can see (and leave internal comments on) a customer’s history.

Items tracked in the timeline include:

  • Invoices being created, issued or reissued, and paid
  • Invoices being marked past due or voided
  • Changes to the subscription’s products or pricing plans
  • Payment methods being added or updated
  • Which payment methods have been charged
  • Transactions being approved or declined
  • Changing of billing anniversary dates

All of these events are laid out on a simple chronological timeline, complete with dates, times, and which of your team members took an action (marked something as past due, for example):

customer timeline detail

Leaving a comment

To leave a comment on the timeline, you’ll click on the text box at the top of it:

leaving a comment

You can enter in text, as well as tagging another person in the organization by using @, attaching documents or images by clicking the paperclip icon, or use the # symbol to create a link to another customer or order.

Orders & transaction timelines

You can also view timelines for orders and transactions — you can do so by clicking on the order or transaction to see the history. For example, this is what a transaction timeline looks like:

transaction and order timeline

The commenting process is the same with an order or transaction timeline.

Now, your team can leave internal comments on any of these events, sharing important customer information internally and making it easier for your customer service and success teams to access later.