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These docs are intended for a developer audience.


FramePay is a Javascript library that simplifies your checkout flow by offloading strict PCI Compliance requirements directly to Rebilly, while maintaining a seamless same look and feel.

Use FramePay to securely collect payment information from your customers. FramePay processes your checkout form and injects UI elements that are rendered into secure, Rebilly hosted, iframes.

Once payment information is collected, FramePay generates a payment token that is used to complete the checkout process. This token is created directly from the browser, which bypasses the need to send sensitive cardholder information to your servers. The token is then used to complete the checkout process.

FramePay is one part of the checkout flow. It collects sensitive data from your customers and creates a payment token that is used in API calls to complete the checkout flow.

FramePay supports more than 167 payment methods, including card payments (3D Secure), bank payments (ACH/IBAN), Paypal, Google Pay™, and Apple Pay.

If you have not used FramePay before, start with the Basic setup option below.