Resource ID prefix guide

This topic describes all Rebilly resource identifier prefixes. Use this topic as a point of reference to understand what each prefix represents.

Resource prefixes

Prefix Resource Path
app_ Application /applications
app_ins_ Application instance /application-instances/{applicationId}
aml_chk_ AML check /aml-checks
api_key_ API key /api-keys
att_ Attachment /attachments
bill_prt_ Billing portal /billing-portals
blkl_ Blocklist /blocklists
btxn_ Balance transaction /balance-transactions
cash_prop_ Cashier custom property set /cashier-custom-property-sets
cash_str_ Cashier strategy /cashier-strategies
cash_req_ Cashier deposit request /cashier-requests
chkt_frm_ Checkout-form /checkout-forms
cpn_ Coupon /coupons
cpn_rdm_ Coupon redemption /coupons-redemptions
crd_ Credential -
crmm_ Credit memo /credit-memos
crmm_itm_ Credit memo item -
cus_ Customer /customers
cus_crd_ Customer credential -
cus_edd_ Customer EDD search result /customers/{id}/edd-search-results
dp_ Dispute /disputes
exp_ Data export /experimental/data-exports
fee_ Fee /fees
file_ File /files
grd_seg_ UI segment /grid-segments
gw_acc_ Gateway account /gateway-accounts
gw_dwn_ Gateway account downtime schedule /gateway-accounts/{gatewayAccountId}/downtime-schedules
hook_ Webhook /webhooks
hook_log_ Webhook tracking log /tracking/webhooks
hook_req_ Webhook request -
ii_ Invoice item -
ii_ Upcoming invoice item -
in_ Invoice /invoices
in_ Upcoming invoice /subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/upcoming-invoices
in_rev_ Invoice revenue recognition -
inst_ Payment instrument -
jrn_acc_ Journal account /journal-accounts
jrn_ent_ Journal entry /journal-entries
jrn_rec_ Journal record /journal-entries/{journalEntryId}/records
jwt_ JWT session -
kyc_doc_ KYC document /kyc-documents
kyc_req_ KYC request /kyc-requests
ls_ Lead source /customers/{customerId}/lead-source
lst_ List /lists
mail_bcst_ Broadcast message /broadcast-messages
mail_dst_ Email delivery setting /email-delivery-settings
mail_msg_ Email message /email-messages
mail_ntf_ Email notification attribution /send-through-attribution/{eventType}
ord_ Order /subscriptions
ord_cnl_ Order cancellation /subscription-cancellations
ord_itm_ Order item -
ord_pau_ Order pause /subscription-pauses
ord_rct_ Order reactivation /subscription-reactivations
ord_usg_ Usage record /usages
org_ Organization /organizations
org_exp_ Organization export /organization-exports
plan_ Plan /plans
pout_req_ Payout request /payout-requests
prod_ Product /products
qt_ Quote /quotes
qt_itm_ Quote item -
reco_ Reconciliation -
risk_rule_ Risk score rule /risk-score-rules
role_ Role /roles
rule_dft_ Draft ruleset /events/{eventType}/rules/drafts
ship_rate_ Shipping rate /shipping-rates
tag_ Tag /tags
tag_rule_ Tags rule /tags-rules
tmln_ Credit memo timeline message /credit-memos/{creditMemoId}/timeline
tmln_ Customer timeline custom event type /customer-timeline-custom-events
tmln_ Customer EDD timeline message /customers/{customerId}/edd-timeline
tmln_ Customer timeline message /customers/{customerId}/timeline
tmln_ Rules engine timeline message /events/{eventType}/timeline
tmln_ Gateway account timeline message /gateway-accounts/{gatewayAccountId}/timeline
tmln_ Invoice timeline message /invoices/{invoiceId}/timeline
tmln_ Order timeline message /subscriptions/{orderId}/timeline
tmln_ Quote timeline message /quotes/{quoteId}/timeline
tmln_ Transaction timeline message /transactions/{transactionId}/timeline
txn_ Transaction /transactions
usr_ User /users
web_ Website /websites