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Video tutorials

Use this series of video tutorials to become a Rebilly power user. This section of the documentation describes how to complete the most commonly used actions in the Rebilly product. Each step in this section must be completed in order.

Pre-training exercise

Before you begin the training, perform this pre-training exercise. You may not know how to perform these tasks, but explore the Rebilly product and see where you would go intuitively to perform the tasks outlined below. Your first step will be to set a timer, do not spend more than the allotted time to try to perform these tasks.

  1. Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  2. Create a customer with a fake name and address of your choosing.
  3. Collect a payment from this customer of $10 USD.



These exercises must be completed in order.

  1. Set up your training environment
  2. Create customers
  3. Collect payments
  4. Create products and pricing plans
  5. Create orders using the Rebilly app
  6. Create orders using a hosted checkout form
  7. Cancel orders
  8. Pause orders
  9. Reactivate orders
  10. Change orders
  11. Create and redeem coupons
  12. Refund transactions
  13. Refund invoices
  14. Timeline reviews
  15. Exporting data
  16. Log a dispute
  17. Create a credit memo
  18. Update a customer's primary address
  19. Update a customer's billing and delivery address
  20. Update an order's renewal time