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Rebilly news, features, and updates for September 2023

Hello, and welcome to the September edition of the Rebilly news, features, and updates blog.

We recently went on our company meetup, to Tuscany, Italy! Check out the highlights in this blog.

New features

This month we added the following new features.

Refined intelligent retry functionality

We refined how intelligent retry works, it's now even smarter.

Intelligent retry is a feature that automatically retries failed payments at times when there is a higher chance of approval. This feature uses historical BIN approval rates to determine the best time to retry the payment within a specified period of time. For more information, see Schedule invoice retry.


We added the ability to exclude specific customer attribute data from risk score checks. Use this feature to prevent specific customer data from being added to a blocklist. For more information, see Allowlists.

Custom fields on gateway accounts

We added option to configure custom fields on gateway accounts. Custom fields extend a resource schema to include custom data that is not provided as a common field. For more information see, Set up a gateway.

Approval URL redirects in hosted payment forms

We added the option to specify how approval URL redirects are managed in hosted payment forms. For more information, see Edit a hosted payment form.

New payment gateway integrations

Integration requests

Rebilly supports more than 199+ payment gateways and supports 167+ methods including ACH, PayPal, and Bitcoin. If you would like to add a payment integration that’s not in our list, complete the request a new payment gateway integration process.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!

For more release information, see Release notes.

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