Issue a payout

Payouts are used to pay your customers or vendors. A payout creates a credit transaction.

Note: Do not use payouts in place of a refund. Refunds are issued from the original transaction.

To issue a payout

First, check that you have a gateway account enabled that supports payouts. Many of our gateway connections support payouts. However, you may need your external provider(s) to enable payouts on your account (they are typically restricted for card processing to specific industries). Once confirmed, then:

  1. Go to the customer details page for your desired payee.
  2. Click into the menu and select Make Payout from the dropdown.

Select make payout from dropdown menu

  1. Fill out the payout form.

Payout menu

Payouts cannot be reversed
Double and triple check that your payee and amount information are correct before submitting.
  1. The transaction is recorded in the customer timeline. Click the transaction link to see further details.

Payout recorded in customer timeline