Issue a refund

Transactions can be refunded from the transaction details screen, in bulk from the data tables, and from an invoice. When a transaction is refunded, it will change from a completed to a refunded or voided status.

Refunding from the transaction details screen

  1. Navigate to the transaction details screen and select refund.

transaction details refund

  1. Enter the amount that you would like to refund and hit apply.

enter amount

  1. You will see a child transaction has been created and the status has changed to refunded. Note: if you issued the refund before the funds were removed from the customers account, the original transaction will be voided.

child transaction

Refunding in bulk from the data tables

  1. Navigate to a transaction data table.
  2. Check the box next to one or more transactions. You now have the option to select Refund selected items.

refund in bulk

  1. You will be prompted to confirm the refund(s). If confirmed, hit refund.


Refunding from an invoice

  1. Navigate to a paid (or partially paid) invoice and hit refund.

invoice refund

  1. You will be prompted to select the items and amounts to refund. Confirm your refund amounts and hit refund.

invoice refund details

  1. The refund will be recorded and the invoice status will change to refunded.

refunded invoice

  1. A refund invoice will be issued to record the refund. You can see these events recorded in the customer timeline.

refund timeline