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This feature is available for the Rebilly KYC product only. To activate KYC, contact Rebilly.

Use Anti-Money Laundering (AML) data tables to view, accept, and reject customer AML checks. AML checks are automated tasks that help to ensure your customers and leads are not attempting to launder money through your company.

An AML check is an automated process that scans customer information against Rebilly AML lists as each new customer or lead is added, or when their information is changed. When customer information matches data in an AML list, a hit is returned. Completed AML checks contain one or multiple AML hits, where each hit is a record returned from the check.

AML customer checks are added to the AML unreviewed customers segment in data tables. You must manually verify these checks and mark them as a false positive or confirm that the customer has failed the AML check. To review, see Review customer AML checks. To change the result of a reviewed customer AML check, see View manually reviewed AML customer check details.

A segment is a filtered view of a data set. To view filters that are applied to a segment: at the top of a data table, click Filter icon. By default, AML data is organized into two segments, inside the KYC data table:

  • AML unreviewed customers: Contains unreviewed AML checks ( reviewer id is empty ).
  • AML reviewed customers: Contains reviewed AML checks ( reviewer id is not empty ).

To add or manage segments, or to apply or edit filters on a segment, see Segments.

AML check interactions

This section describes all interactions that are available in AML data tables.

View manually reviewed AML customer check details

Use this process to view manually reviewed AML customer checks. Reviewed AML customer check details can be updated using this process.


To view completed AML checks that are associated with a particular customer, see View completed AML customer checks.

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Data tables icon , then click KYC .
  2. Click AML reviewed customers , then in the Id column, click an AML check ID.

Review customer AML checks

Use this process to manually review automated AML checks to confirm result matches or mark false positives. A known false positive is suppressed from future alerts for a 1-year period. It is up to you, the merchant, to decide on and enforce policies for matched customers.

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Data tables icon , then click KYC .
  2. Click AML unreviewed customers , then in the Id column, click an AML check ID.
  3. In the top right of the screen, click Arrow icon . This starts the review at the last item in the backlog of unreviewed AML checks.
  4. At each AML customer check, select from the following:
    • Confirm an AML match: Click Confirm match .
    • Mark an AML match as a false positive: Click False positive .
    • Proceed to the next AML match in the backlog: Click Arrow icon Go to next unreviewed AML check .

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