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Organizations and websites

This topic describes the organization and website resources. When you first log in to Rebilly, you create an organization as part of the setup process. A default website is created when a new organization is created.


An organization is an entity that represents a merchant. Rebilly supports the association of multiple organizations to a single user log in. If you have multiple entities, you can choose to use a single Rebilly account, or create a separate account for each organization. For example, this is beneficial if you are managing two separate and unrelated businesses.

Invoices and orders must be associated with a single organization. This is a mandatory requirement when creating an invoice, subscription, or payment. A gateway account can be associated with one organization only. No data, including organizations, is shared between the live and sandbox environments.

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A website is where an organization obtains a customer. It is also the processor account and billing descriptor used for payment transactions. An organization can have multiple websites. Websites are related to each invoice and each payment gateway account. This enables you to associate gateway accounts with multiple websites, or make them exclusive to particular websites.

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