Last updated 7 months ago

Advanced configuration

For each gateway account, you have the option to configure additional settings. These can be adjusted at any time by editing your gateway account.

Toggle the advanced configuration slider to configure your gateway account to

  • Change the card statement descriptor or enable dynamic descriptor.
  • Apply a dynamic currency conversion.
  • Disable or enable sticky gateway. Note, sticky gateway enabled by default. You must uncheck to disable.
  • Setup custom timeout.
  • Set your approval window TTL - the TTL window is important for asynchronous payment methods where customers must take some additional action before the transaction is completed.
  • Set a reconciliation window.
  • Enable 3D Secure (3DS) on applicable gateways. Select your own 3DS server or use our server,
  • Use additional filters to limit by

    • Amount
    • Bank country
    • BIN
    • Currency
    • Customer ID
    • Website ID
  • Add additional information to expand your reporting capabilities