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Supported currencies

Rebilly supports all ISO 4217 currencies.


Before you configure multiple currencies, ensure that your connected gateway accounts are capable of processing them.

Monetary fields

Wherever we record monetary amounts, we also record currency. We use the ISO 4217 three letter alphabetic codes, which are like USD for United States Dollars, and CAD for Canadian Dollars. You’ll find monetary fields on Invoices, in Plans, in Transactions including payments and refunds, in Gateway account configurations, in the Rules Engine, and in many reports.

Reporting currency

Rebilly can report in the original processed currency and translated to your reporting (functional) currency. By default, the reporting currency is the currency selected when you created your account. To set it, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your user profile through the menu in the bottom left corner.

reporting currency go to profile

  1. Then, select from your available reporting currencies.

reporting currency

Note: Regardless of your reporting currency, you can transact in any of the 156 other supported currencies.

Gateway accounts

A gateway account can support one or many currencies. If you do not have a gateway account configured to accept the currency, then you won’t be able to use the currency. To learn more about this, read our article on gateway accounts.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

DCC is an advanced feature whereby we can translate the payment amount into the cardholder’s native currency, plus a configurable markup, if active (as an advanced gateway account configuration). If you want to learn more about this advanced feature, please contact us.