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Recurring payments and third-party approval

Some payment methods do not support asynchronous recurring payments. In a recurring context, the customer must complete a payment at each cycle. These payment methods may be more convenient for businesses that have longer cycles or one-time sales.

Payment cards, ACH/EFT/echeck, and PayPal accounts support recurring payments (rebills) and 1-click upsells. Rebilly stores the payment instrument information in an encrypted vault.

Some payment methods require the customer to visit a third-party approval URL. This may only at for the first transaction.

The following table describes some common payments scenarios.

Payment methodSupports recurring payments (rebills)
and 1-click upsells
Requires initial third party
approval URL visit
Payment cardsYesNo
Payment cards with 3DSNo (first only)Yes
Payment cards with DCCYesYes
China UnionPayNoYes
WeChat PayNoYes